Tanzanian collection

Tanzanian collection

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Working in partnership with the Girls Education Collaborative, we are offering for a limited time two Tanzanian inspired pieces in an effort to support the construction of a school for young women in Kitenga, Tanzania.  

The Girls Education Collaborative has been working with the Immaculate Heart Sisters of Africa & the government of Tanzania to design and construct a regional boarding school for up to 1,500 young women from Pre-K through secondary school.  While we certainly don't expect our modest donations complete their fundraising efforts we hope to help bring more attention to the cause

Based loosely on a traditional sweet enjoyed by children there called 'Kashata', we have developed a peanut brittle with coconut and cardamom in a dark chocolate shell.  At the same time, based on a traditional desert known as Ndizi Kaanga, we have layered a cinnamon banana ganache over a brown sugar-cashew caramel crust in a milk chocolate shell.

Net profits from all sales will be donated directly to the Girls Education Collaborative to support their Kitenga Village Project.