International Collection

International Collection

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Each year we partner with the International Institute of Buffalo as we explore the flavors of the different refugee groups that help form the fabric of our community.  Previously we had worked with families from Iraq, Burma, Bhutan, the Democratic Republic of Congo, and Syria.  This year we were happy to explore the flavors of Iran and Eritrea.

Our Iranian truffle then is based on a traditional saffron rice pudding desert called Sholeh Zard.  Jasmine rice is slow boiled into a soft custard, including saffron, rose water, green cardamom and roasted almonds.  This pudding is then blended into a white chocolate based ganache before being piped into a milk chocolate shell.

Our exploration into Eritrean cusine introduced us to MitMita, a spice blend commonly used as a condiment added to savory dishes.  Heavy on the chili peppers, it also includes ginger, cardamom, cloves, cinnamon, and salt, with enough latent sweetness to complement a dark chocolate ganache.

All profits earned from the sale of this collection will be donated to the International Institute of Buffalo to help them provide resettlement services to recent refugess, including help with language lessons, housing, and employment.