Flavors of the month

Flavors of the month

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So you're stuck at home with nothing to do?  Looking at your stockpile of boxed mac 'n cheese or your 10 lb bag of rice, wondering what small reward you deserve for wearing pants today?  We've got you covered.

There's no reason to ride out the fall of western civilization without at least some tasty hand made chocolate truffles around, if you're not looking for ways to brighten the day of your house-bound family / friends / secret-crush-you-never-had-the-courage-to-approach-but-the-world-is-coming-to-an-end-so-might-as-well-shoot-your-shot.  This month we have two new Spring inspired flavors to offer.

Our Carrot Cake Truffle is made with a cream cheese and nutmeg white chocolate ganache flavored with fresh carrot juice and toasted walnut chunks in a milk chocolate shell.  Next to this is our Blueberry-Violet-Blackberry Truffle, in which a drop of house-made blueberry jelly is surrounded by a violet infused marshmallow over a dark chocolate blackberry ganache, all in a dark chocolate shell.

Our brick and mortar location may be shut down for now, but we will be shipping this week, or at least until we are shut down.