Flavors of the month

Flavors of the month

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With the weather finally turning towards shorter days and cooler nights, we're able once again to ship our limited edition monthly special flavors. 

Our Strawberry-Black Tea piece begins with our house made strawberry pate de fruit (Jelly) piped over a dark chocolate blended ganache made with cream cold steeped with English Breakfast black tea.

Next to this, for our Cherry Almond Custard truffle, we piped a drop of black cherry jelly over a silky smooth white chocolate almond custard ganache, all in a thin milk chocolate shell.

As always, these flavors are made available to our monthly subscribers, at our Five Points neighborhood retail location, through our online store, or at the intermittent pop-up events we have scheduled from time to time.  Thank you all for your patience during the long summer months.  It's good to be back.