'Boozy' collection
'Boozy' collection

'Boozy' collection

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Because the mind simply can't rest, we've gone and updated our 'Boozy Collection' with six new alcohol flavored truffles, including,

1) "Green Chaud", based on the traditional alpine cocktail, is a  dark "hot chocolate" truffle flavored with Chartreuse, an herbal / floral liquor from the French Alps,

2) 'Blackberry-Port' with a drop of blackberry pate de fruit over a dark chocolate tawny port wine flavored ganache,

3) 'Almond Vin Santo, consisting of an almond gianduja (toasted almonds covered in caramel then blended into a dark chocolate nut paste) flavored with the sweet Italian desert wine,

4) 'Irish Tiramisu', in which a drop of intense espresso syrup sits over a white chocolate & mascarpone ganache flavored with Irish Cream (in place of the more typical marsala wine)

5) 'Grand Marnier' with a layer of blood orange and clove pate de fruit over a cinnamon and orange milk chocolate ganache flavored with Grand Marnier liquor.

6) 'Pineapple-Rum, with a pineapple juice pate de fruit over a white chocolate coconut ganache flavored with  black spiced rum, all in a milk chocolate shell. 

Available now and while they last online, from our Brayton Street location, or at the various holiday markets around town in either 6 or 12-piece boxes.