About Us

As a young couple in our early thirties, we had just bought our first condo in Boston.  Feeling very adult and proud of ourselves, we had recently gotten ourselves a puppy basset hound and had our first child.

One afternoon, sleep deprived and generally stressed from new parental responsibilities, we were walking to the nearby pond one bright sunny afternoon.  On the way we stumbled upon a small, lovingly cared for house with a well manicured yard.  In the middle of the grass was the most vibrantly painted blue farm house table either of us had ever seen, set for a large outdoor dinner party.  It was still early afternoon, and nobody was there yet, but we could almost hear the casual laughter, the smell of the food, and the clink of wine not served in plastic sippy cups.

From that point on, the scene became our short hand code phrase for the life we would someday hope to have, in which we know who we are, have friends we enjoy and the time to to have adult conversations that didn't involve cartoons, diapers, or play-dates.  Years have passed since then, and while we're certainly closer to that dream, it remains a hazy vision of what the good life would look like, someday.
If you've ever shared that kind of moment, however fleeting, in which you are where you're supposed to be, surrounded by people you enjoy, doing what you love, then you're just like us.  Here at Blue Table Chocolates, we aspire to that kind of moment.  Let the kids enjoy their cheap mass produced candy bars, while you set aside something a little special for yourself.