Flavors of the month

Flavors of the month

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Let's just assume we're done with snow for the rest of the Spring and celebrate the weather with two tropical inspired pieces this month.  Treat that mother in your life with something she might not have tried before (or could find at your local drugstore checkout line).

Based on the recognized pairing of fruity and nutty of peanut butter and jelly, we've encased a drop of sharp passion fruit jelly in a milk chocolate tahini and black sesame seed ganache, in a milk chocolate shell.  Next to this we've layered a cream cheese ganache under two house-made fruit jellies, with a drop of lime jelly inside a dollop of mango jelly, for our Mango-Lime cheesecake truffle.

Otherwise, these will be the last of our monthly specials until the fall, as the weather grows too warm to accomodate shipping chocolate through the postal service.  We will continue to operate out of our West Side kitchen, but suggest you contact us if you'd like to schedule a pick up or were looking for a quick dinner party gift box.

As always, these pieces are available for a limited time only, to our chocolate of the month subscribers, or while supplies last.