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With construction of our new flagship kitchen/retail location nearing completion, we hope to be open to the public before the end of August, with an official announcement to appear here, as well as through social media.  As we train up the new team, we'll hold off on a more formal opening celebration / splashy event until mid-September.  Otherwise, we are certainly open to wholesale order requests, wedding or private events, or special requests by appointment.  Lastly, our online store is still unable to guarantee that orders shipped through the mail will survive the summer heat, but hope to start shipping once again by mid-September.  

Welcome to Blue Table Chocolates, a family owned artisan confection business focused on hand crafted chocolate truffles.  We offer a number of items, with an eye towards exploring the world of flavors that work well with and complement fine chocolate, from house made pate de fruit (fruit jellies), giandujas (roasted nut pastes), and ganaches.  Fine chocolate can and should be enjoyed on a number of levels, from the initial recipe conception, its presentation, and most importantly the considered balancing of flavors and textures.

Candy Bars, now available online

Candy Bars

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New Home underway

We've been working on our new location all Winter and Spring, and it looks like we'll be gearing up to open our doors to customers in the next few weeks.  As expected, it's been a long road to get to this point, going back to early 2014 when we started selling officially to friends and family.  We've bounced from small shared space to shared space, and am very excited to move into our new permanent production facility / retail nook in the Five Points Area.

That said, after construction is complete, we move everything in, and get final approvals from the City and State, we still need a brief period to staff up and make sure the systems are all set up.  We'll be open throughout the summer on a limited schedule though as we gear up for the start of the season once again this fall.  Thank you Buffalo for helping to make this dream a reality, and stay tuned for further updates.

Our North American Headquarters

 44 Brayton Street, Suite B     Buffalo, NY 14213

Sun-Mon       Closed

Tues-Fri     10:30 - 6:00

Sat      9:00-7:00

(716) 866-3725

Also available at:

Neo Gift Studios at the corner of W. Delavan & Elmwood in Buffalo

Beulah's General Store, 726 Main Street, East Aurora

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